Polkowo Village and Parish Church in Jaminy

Polkowo, a village on the Netta River, 2 viorsts from the outlet to the Biebrza river. Stands on one of the few small dry islands emerging from the extensive muddy banks of the Biebzra and the Netta rivers. Lies 28 viorsts from Augustow, has 37 homes, 361 inhabitants. In 1827 it had 29 homes and 170 inhabitants. Source: Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1888, vol. 9, p. 495-496]

VIII Century Wooden Parish Church in Jaminy

JAMINY -   there  was  also  Jaminy  Forest - the  first   colonists  came   in the 17th century.  The Noblewoman Teodora  Sapieha  was a  founder  of  the  first church   which  was built  on sand   hill ,  and  that  church  burnt in 1789.   King  Stanislaw  August  ordered  the building  of a new  church  in 1793,  although  it was a temporary construction. The  last  church  was from  Augustow  - the parishioners moved  it to Jaminy in  1845.  This church  survives today.

These details from Iwona Dakiniewicz and information from National Library in Warsaw.